#StillSanders #StillRunning & This is How I’ll Vote

Hello Everyone,

20160412_114409I am #StillSanders!

I am #StillRunning to be a National Delegate to the National Democratic Convention in July to cast my vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders!

I believe in this movement for Bernie Sanders and the for the people. I am running because I continue to hope I can represent the grassroots movement that has pushed Bernie forward here in Iowa and especially in Council Bluffs, where I worked alongside many amazing people.

12208488_10208021310868801_7860454712532701048_nAs I stated before, together we pulled off an historic victory for Bernie by beating Hillary Clinton in Pottawattamie County on caucus night. Pottawattamie County was a stronghold for Hillary in 2008.

I continue to run because I hope to represent the young adult voice and the voice of a new generation of Democrats. Democrats who are bold progressives and who want to see a change in the Party to be more inclusive and welcoming.

More about me:
  • Precinct Captain for Bernie Sanders (during the caucus)
  • President of the Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) Democrats
  • Former Pottawattamie County Democratic Party Affirmative Action chair
  • 2014 State Convention Delegate

Now, let me tell you how I will vote on some things that will come up at the Third District Convention, on the report of the platform.

Statement of Principles

There is a minority report to add: “We applaud those in agriculture who protect water purity through conservation efforts and using legal drainage outlets.”

  • I am voting YES
Statement of Issues
Economy, Commerce, and Labor

Minority report to add: We support: “requiring the use of E-Verify for employment.”

  • I am voting NO

Minority report to add: We oppose “requiring the use of E-Verify for employment.”

  • I am voting YES

Minority report to replace #16 “minimizing number of super delegates,” with: We oppose: “Super delegates.”

  • I am voting YES

Minority report to replace #21 “reforming the PATRIOT Act,” with: “repealing the PATRIOT Act.”

  • I am voting YES
Taxes and Benefits

Minority report to strike #39 “We oppose taxation of disability benefits.”

  • I am voting NO

Minority report to strike #41 “We oppose the “Cadillac Tax.”

  • I am voting NO
Consumer Protection

Minority report to replace #79 “a 36% APR  cap on “payday loans,” with: “an appropriate cap on ‘payday loans.'”

  • I am voting NO
International Affairs

Minority report to add: “recognizing the War on Drugs has failed, resulting in the rise of violent drug cartels.”

  • I am voting YES

Minority report to replace #25 “We oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement as written,” with: “the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement without transparency and reform of its ISDS protocol.”

  • I am voting YES

Minority report to strike #34 “we support admission of a Palestinian state to full UN membership.”

  • I am voting NO

Minority report to strike #36 “we support partnering with all nations to identify terrorists and coordinate security.”

  • I am voting NO