Life Update

Hello everyone,

It is time for a life update.

I have moved on to the University of Iowa. I am working on my BA in psychology and sociology (until I perhaps change that to a minor and finish it up later, perhaps). I do indeed live on campus. This is an interesting situation.

Here are the classes I am taking

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Sociological Theory

I am actually doing well in these classes. I personally cannot believe it because I think I talked myself down. Told myself that it was too hard for me to do. But I pushed through and focused on studying and doing the readings and at the moment I have a B in all of the classes.

Now, for my medical update. Well, this one is a bit more difficult. I have been okay, no life threatening updates. However, I have been to the Emergency department several times.

  1. I was there for a migraine that just wouldn’t go away. After they gave me IV meds it did go away.
  2. I had chest pain, shortness of breath, and nearly passed out walking up stairs
  3. I had chest pain, shortness of breath

Following up with my primary care physician to see what it was. I am diagnosing myself with dehydration at the moment.

Emotional state, oh my this is quite difficult. Since I moved here there has been several situations that have caused me to have difficulties. Thus, some medications were adjusted.

  1. My younger sister was hospitalized (has cystinosis as well), and was doing very bad. My family were not sure if she was going to make it and thus there were talks if I needed to make it back to Omaha to visit her.
  2. A friend passed a way from suicide.

Both of these events took my mood from doing pretty good with moderate depression to severe depression and anxiety.


Unicameral Needs Your Voice on LB586, WorkPlace Protections.

Nebraskans For Equality

OMAHA, NE – The Nebraska Unicameral Session for 2015 is almost over, just 10 days or less actually. It is crunch time in the Nebraska Equality Movement! Thursday, May 14th, the Unicameral will debate and vote on workplace equality. We need you to call or email your state senator in our state’s Unicameral. Don’t know who that is? You can click here: Don’t know what to say or write? We have that covered too!  Read the next paragraph below, You can start with what’s written below and add your experience and name to it!

Dear (Your State Senator’s Name), LB586 adds Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the state’s workplace protections statute which already cover race, sex and religion. Discrimination against Nebraskans based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity is real. We lose talented Nebraskans to other states that treat their residents equally. We also lose the business opportunities…

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“Transgendered” Is Not a Word

This explains my feelings on the use of the term “transgendered.” Please stop using transgendered when you mean transgender. Being transgender is not a condition. The use of transgendered is offensive.

Transgender Bisexual Political Nerd

This doesn’t need to be a long post. The title says it all. “Transgendered” is not a word. For some reason, though, people use it all the time. Honestly every time someone uses the term “transgendered” it feels like being stabbed. 

The adjective is “transgender” or “trans” for short.

Examples of usage:

She is transgender.

Zi is trans.

The transgender community includes many diverse identities, all of which might be considered trans.

There has never been a reported case of transgender people using bathrooms for devious purposes.

Being trans is not a condition. It’s not something that has happened to a person. It is who a person is.

“Transgender” is not a verb. Thus, a person can not transgender, nor can a person be transgendered. (A person can transition, and a person can have transitioned.)

For some reason when I hear people say “transgendered,” it sounds like “mutated” or “disfigured.”…

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Help Fund Equality

It’s time to move #LGBTQIA equality forward! This is an easy way to do that!

Nebraskans For Equality

OMAHA, NE – If you are not able to volunteer for any of our events, you can do a great service by donating to our cause. The Nebraskans for Equality Blog is part of a nationwide movement to change the conversation on the LGBT movement called The Equality Pledge. The Equality Pledge stresses the LGBT Community and supportive elected officials come together to push for Full Federal Equality which involves a one bill strategy to add sexual orientation and gender identity to a broad of list of laws already granting existing protected classes protection in areas including: Public Accommodations, Public Facilities, Federally Funded Programs, Employment, Housing, Education, Credit, Federal Marriage Equality, Immigration, Disability, and Family Leave.

To help us move equality forward, just  a $5 donation can go a long way to reaching our goals for Full Federal Equality under the law. Will you donate to help fund equality?


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Omaha Atheists to Rally Because “Minorities Matter”.

If you are in the Omaha Metro, be sure to show up this evening in La Vista and tell their Mayor that ALL minorities matter!

Progressive Oasis

OMAHA, NE – Recently, a concerned Omaha Atheist expressed his concerns to a Nebraska Mayor about the presence of religion in a city sponsored event. The Mayor responded with some Nebraska Nasty by saying, “Take me to f*cking court, because I don’t care… Minorities are not going to run my city.”  According to KETV, Mitch Beaumont, La Vista community relations coordinator, released the following statement on Kindig’s behalf Monday: “I am truly sorry that my response to this representative caused backlash against the City. I was coming out of a very emotional event at which local veterans who were killed in action were recognized, and my reaction was certainly emotional in nature. It is my hope all sides can move forward together,” said Kindig.

Nebraska Nasty “Take me to f*cking court, because I don’t care…      Minorities are not going to run my city.”                   Pic from American Atheists


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