1479020_10201819868972906_734981903_nI am Mika Jayne Covington. This is who I am, a human being who has a tremendous passion for making this world a better place for all. I am a person who lives with cystinosis and who is a sexual assault survivor, a human rights activist, a feminist, a student, a fighter, and a socialist. 

Ever since I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to contribute to society in any way possible and work to create the change I seek. Unfortunately, having cystinosis and being on dialysis forced me to stop working. Thus, to stay busy, I volunteered on issue and political campaigns such as fighting for full federal LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) equality, voting rights, and healthcare for all. I am passionate about these because I look forward to a future where everyone has the right to vote, has full and equal human rights, and access to high-quality health care. For me, these causes are important because I know first-hand how not having access to health care can cause a chronic disease to get worse like my disease did.

I am a college student at the University of Iowa studying psychology. I have been a Democratic Party activist and organizer since 2010 working on Mayoral campaigns to working for President Obama as an organizing fellow with Organizing for America (OFA). Recently, I  have volunteered with Organizing for Action (OFA) as a spring fellow and worked for the progressive change we voted for in 2012. I am a former Pottawattamie County Democratic Party Affirmative Action chair.

I am a former Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign and at the Iowa State Democratic Convention in 2016 I ran for Democratic Nation Committee person and won a significant number of votes making me a strong challenger to the Democratic party establishment.

This is my story, and it continues.


One thought on “About

  1. Stephen

    Hang in there! I know what it’s like to have to wait for a kidney. In May of this year I will reach the 16th anniversary of my kidney transplant. Prior to that I was on hemo dialysis for 4 years.

    Anyhow, I am a transguy at he beginning of my transition. Have many fears about how the doctors will react to my desire to undergo GRS and and even more concerned with the fact that many surgeons may refuse to perform surgery on me due to my preexisting medical conditions.

    Anyhow, just felt the need to stop in and tell you to hang in there.


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