Voting for Hillary

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during the Des Moines Youth Summit, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, at Creative Visions in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during the Des Moines Youth Summit, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, at Creative Visions in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

After nearly 29 million Americans voted in the Democratic primaries and the 13 million who voted for Senator Bernie Sanders we have a presumptive nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Senator Sanders won primaries and caucuses in 22 states with almost 1,900 delegates. Hillary Clinton will go into the convention with 389 more pledged delegates and many more superdelegates.


As a Bernie Sanders volunteer and former staffer it was an honor to work for the Senator, and the political revolution. Together, we began a revolution to transform American politics and that revolution continues into the Democratic National Convention and beyond.

Untitl36edWe fought and continue to fight for a government that works and represents us all, not just the one percent. We fought and are fighting to change our Party to make it more progressive, inclusive, and welcoming.

Yes, Bernie Sanders did not win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, nonetheless, we made progress in working with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to produce the most progressive platform in the history of the Party.

hillary-clinton-01-800Now, our job is to ensure the platform is implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House, and a Hillary Clinton president.

We have an opportunity to come together as a Party and work toward victory over hate and divisiveness. I cannot stress enough that this election is one of the most important elections of our and perhaps my lifetime. There is so much at stake with a Donald Trump president.

The time to come together is now.

As Democrats, we believe that we are stronger together, when we work together to get things done, and fight together to win elections.

As Bernie Sanders said during his endorsement of Hillary Clinton,

This election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up. While Donald Trump is busy insulting Mexicans, Muslims, woman, African Americans, and veterans, Hillary Clinton understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

If you think that this election is not important just take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate, what that will mean to our civil liberties, equal rights, and health care access.

This election has been about the issues and it continues to be about them. Bernie campaigned for universal health care. Now, as Bernie said,

Hillary Clinton wants to see that all Americans have the right to choose a public option in their health care exchange, which will lower the cost of health care.

But what is Donald Trump’s position? Well, he wants to do the same thing that every other Republican in Congress wants, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and throw 20 million people off their health insurance. He also wants to cut Medicaid.

The last thing we need today in America is a president who doesn’t care about whether millions will lose access to the health care coverage that they desperately need. We need more people with access to quality health care, not fewer – Bernie Sanders

I have many disagreements with Hillary Clinton and now I disagree with her choice for Vice-President. Nevertheless, I am supporting Hillary Clinton for president. I hope that you will too because we cannot let there be a chance of a Donald Trump president.


Source: The Hill

Let’s Send Young Home! Vote for Mowrer!

Mowrer1stfront-700x549Jim Mowrer grew up on a family farm in central Iowa where he learned the value of hard work. At an early age his father was killed in a farming accident. However, because of services such as social security survivor benefits his family was able to stay afloat. It is because of this experience that formed his outlook and ideology and why Jim is a Democrat.

Jim’s campaign is about service to the people of Iowa and our nation. He spent twenty-three (23) months in Iraq and returned home to work with Vice-President Joe Biden as his veteran’s director, and in 2010 President Barack Obama appointed him to a position in the Congress. Jim is running because it is time that our government works for everyone, not for special interests and Washington insiders.

13524285_1037914256278125_2520801223773905406_nI support Jim Mowrer for Congress and David Young for retirement. Let’s get a solid Democrat in Congress to represent the people of Congressional District 3.

Visit Jim’s website to sign up for information and to volunteer to turn CD3 blue again! Here:

Jim on the Issues
Jobs and Economy:

Republicans are out of touch with Americans. Rather than help make college more affordable they hand out money to Wall Street corporations and Big Oil.

Jim believes it is time Congress prioritized people in the economy instead of corporations. He will do just that by working to rein in tax loopholes for corporations and reinstate Glass Steagall to prevent too big to fail banks from destroying the economy again.

Jim knows that parents have to choose too often between caring for a sick child and supporting hard work instead of punishing it, reduce the growing threat of vast income inequality, and rebuild our middle class.

Veterans and Service members:

Jim will make sure that we protect and continue to expand programs to help train veterans for jobs when they come back home and make sure that they are highly qualified to enter the workforce.

Social security and medicare:

While Republicans in Congress continue to say that we don’t have the money to fund Social Security, Jim supports lifting the cap on contributions to reach full funding of Social Security.

Jim supports using the power of the federal government to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs for Medicare – just like we do for the VA.


Jim understands that climate change is one of the biggest threats to both our National Security and Iowa’s economy.

Jim’s Plan to Combat Climate Change:

  • Support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan
  • Restore the tax credit for wind energy to its full amount.
  • End tax breaks for Big Oil
  • Protect and strengthen the Clean Air Act from attacks by Republicans

Visit Jim’s website to sign up for information and to volunteer to turn CD3 blue again! Here:

Fighting the Govt. for Health Insurance

20160412_114409I am 25 years old and I live with cystinosis. Cystinosis has been a struggle. I live with it every day and many days I do look ‘normal’ and healthy. My illness is not usually visible on the outside to most people.

Living with cystinosis has been a challenged for me and those who care about me. It is such a challenge because of my continued fight to either have health insurance or keep my health insurance. It is so difficult on those who care about me because they see the emotional toll the fight has had on me, and how close I get to giving up sometimes. This seems like a never ending fight with the government to have health insurance, the insurance companies themselves, and the pharmacies. Living with this orphan disease is more than just living with a disease, it effects all aspects of your life.

I was diagnosed with cystinosis around the age of 10 months old. Cystinosis is a rare orphan disease that causes the amino acid cystine to accumulate in the cells, it slowly damages organs including the kidneys, liver, thyroid, eyes, lungs, muscles, and brain. An orphan disease is a disease that has no been “adopted” by the pharmaceutical industry because it provides little financial incentive for the private sector to make and market new medications to treat it.

In 2010, my senior year in high school, is when the fight with the government begun. I turned 19 and lost my health insurance. I lost the health insurance because in Nebraska you are an adult at age 19 and must re-apply for Medicaid. After applying four times I kept getting the same result, that I was not eligible for coverage for having a pre-existing condition, the cystinosis. This resulted in me having no health insurance for nearly eight months and led to me going into end stage renal or kidney failure. I went from needing a kidney transplant in 2-4 years to needing one in six months to a year.

I was on dialysis for almost three years. I started dialysis in May 2011, when I was a patient at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) or Nebraska Medical Center (now: Nebraska Medicine) being evaluated for a kidney transplant.

At the beginning I was on hemodialysis, a form of dialysis that is performed with a catheter placed surgically in the chest that is used as an access to cycle large amounts of blood and returns it to the body. Fortunately, I was only on this form of dialysis for nine long months. Until I switched to peritoneal dialysis.

In March of 2012, I started peritoneal dialysis. I switched because I was denied a kidney transplant at the Nebraska Medical Center from my living donor and would need to be on dialysis much longer, additionally hemodialysis was not working out for me.

Peritoneal dialysis is performed using a catheter that is surgically placed in your abdomen that cycles a dextrose mixture fluid into your peritoneal cavity that uses the wall of the cavity as a natural dialyzes that cleans the blood.

downloadToday, I am again fighting the government for healthcare. I was told that I am no longer disabled and that all of my Social Security benefits will end on the last day of July this includes Medicare coverage. i am on my second appeal of their decision. This has taken a lot of me as well.

If I lose the health insurance this will be a very bad thing. I will not be able to have access to most of my medications including my anti-rejection and cystinosis medications. Without the anti-rejection medications my transplanted kidney could start rejecting within a week and I would need to be hospitalized, and I could lose the kidney.

I lost, But We Won

13466522_10100253676015059_8234610603933303786_nI lost my campaign for Democratic National Committee (DNC) member. But we won at the Iowa State Convention. We even won in California, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and Washington at their State Conventions.

Thank you everyone who volunteered for me and donated money to me. You really did help me get many votes at the convention. Thank you! It was a lot of work.

I am proud to say that my campaign stayed positive and never spoke negatively towards my opponent, we never called up delegates to spread negative messages.

While I campaigned I spoke about who I am and what I planned to do. I spoke about my values. I am proud to have run a positive campaign for the DNC.

Our convention was as usual dramatic and drawn out. It was about a 19-hour event that began at 9am and ended around 3am.

During this exciting and dramatic convention, we won more seats on the State Central Committee, we held our national delegate count, and had many victories on the platform.

  • Calling for single-payer health care
  • Support of the death with dignity act
  • Protecting LGBTQIA elders against discrimination
  • Support of insurance coverage for transgender related healthcare
  • Support of equal human rights for Palestinians and Israelis
  • Support of Palestinian statehood/UN membership
  • Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Opposition to fast-tracking trade agreements
  • Support of tuition-free state colleges/universities
  • Calling for 100% renewable energy by the year 2025

576601cf42050.imageFollowing four separate votes the convention decided to abolish superdelegates. The last vote was round midnight when a petition was submitted to remove the superdelegates plank to make the platform silent on the issue. However, this was another win for us when the motion failed on a voice vote.

In California, the State Democratic Convention called for the elimination of caucuses and most superdelegates.

The convention passed a resolution that takes away the voting status of Democratic governors and members of Congress. However members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) would remain superdelegates and be tied to the vote of their constituency.

At the Missouri State Democratic Convention, more Bernie Sanders delegates showed up than Hillary Clinton delegates. Making Missouri another Bernie state. Bernie had 681 state delegates which equals 37 pledged national delegates and Hillary had 644 state delegates which equals 34 pledged national delegates.

Texas Democratic delegates wave signs as the party's state convention wraps up the final day with a breakfast tribute to Lady Bird Johnson, voting on platforms and resolutions and declaring national delegates on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Factions of the delegates were still proponents of Bernie Sanders despite the majority of the group supporting Hillary Clinton. (Kin Man Hui/San Antonio Express-News)
Texas Democratic delegates wave signs as the party’s state convention wraps up the final day, voting on platforms and resolutions and declaring national delegates on Saturday, June 18, 2016. (Kin Man Hui/San Antonio Express-News)

Progressives and Bernie delegates adopted a platform that reflects Bernie Sanders’ message at the Texas State Democratic Convention.

  • Banned lobbyists from becoming superdelegates
  • Limited the number of superdelegates to no more than 10% of the total number of delegates
  • Adopted a resolution to make the minimum wage $15 for non-tipped jobs, and to make tipped jobs start at $7.25 per hour.

10812111_GNebraska’s State Democratic Convention went a bit further with voting to abolish superdelegates to electing an anti-pipeline activist and Bernie Sanders supporter as the Party’s State chairwoman.

They even approved a resolution that calls on superdelegates to base their votes at the Democratic National Convention on the results of Nebraska’s March 5th presidential caucus.

In Washington, the Democratic Convention voted to officially endorse Bernie Sanders.


Vote for Change: Mika for DNC


I am running to be a member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I hope I can gain your support. This is not an easy thing to do. You must get out there and talk to many people. That is exactly what I am doing. But I would like to continue to communicate through the web as well.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my background. I have been a Democratic Party activist and organizer since 2010. I worked on a Mayoral campaign and on President Barack Obama’s campaign as an organizing fellow. Between that, I went to college at Iowa Western Community College and I volunteered with the Iowa Pride Network to fight homophobia and transphobia in our state’s schools.

In 2014, I was greatly involved in the Democratic Party by being a delegate to the District and State Conventions. I was also elected and served until October 2015 as Affirmative Action Chair for the Pottawattamie County Democrats. Recently, I volunteered for Senator Bernie Sanders and later worked for him as a field organizer.

Me in pre-op before my kidney transplant

I did not just get involved in the Democratic Party because I agreed with their politics. I became involved in the Democratic Party because I had to fight for myself. See I live with a very rare genetic disease called cystinosis. The disease causes the amino acid cystine to rise to toxic levels in my cells, which cause damage to all of my organs. Specifically, to my kidneys, eyes, thyroid, liver, muscles, bones, and brain. It is because of this that I know the importance of having health insurance and more importantly health care. It is because of this that I know we must elect Democrats. Thus, I am here and I am standing up for the change that I seek.

Furthermore, as a transgender woman, I have had to stand up and fight for my rights repeatedly. You know who was there with me? Democrats were, that’s who. I know that Democrats will have my back and I want to have their back. It is because of this that I want to continue giving back to the Party and the movement that has brought so many new Democrats into the Party by being a member of the DNC to create the change that we seek.

1479020_10201819868972906_734981903_nI know that if I am elected DNC member, I will fight for many of the changes brought to me by many of the Iowa delegates that I have spoken to. One of their major concerns is the vast power of super-delegates with deciding who is the Democratic Party nominee. This is why I stand with the people and their voice calling for the reigning in of super-delegates power. I will work as DNC member to make super-delegates’ votes proportional.

Moving forward, there are several ways to help my campaign. You can make calls with me at Drips on Friday 9th at 4pm, email and share with your friends that you support me, and make a grassroots donation.

I am looking forward to working with you. Let’s create the change that we seek.

RSPV here to make calls:

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