Thank you & Congratulations

cropped-0915_bernie_lgbt_11x17_signs-thumb.pngThank you Delegates to the Third District Democratic Convention!

Thank you for your support to elect me National Delegate. It mean so much to me that you considered me to represent you at the Democratic National Convention.

However, I did come up a few votes short and was not elected. That is okay. I had the honor of being sent to the District and will go to the State Convention to represent Senator Bernie Sanders and Pottawattamie County.

I am delighted that Annaleah Moore was elected to the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee. I am also proud to have supported Ingrid Olson from Pottawattamie County for National Delegate who will be going to the Democratic National Convention in July.

I know that Anneleah Moore will do what is right for the people and that she will work to bring about the change that is needed to the Iowa Democratic Party.

I know that Annaleah will work tirelessly to ensure the inclusion of everyone in the democratic process and that everyone has a voice in the Democratic Party.

Congratulations to all those elected this weekend!

I know that you will all do an awesome job!