I endorse Annaleah Moore for State Central Committee

Left: Michael Moore Center: Mika Covington Right: Annaleah Moore
Left: Michael Moore Center: Mika Covington Right: Annaleah Moore Photo Source: Omaha World Herald

Today, I am endorsing Annaleah Moore for State Central Committee. She is the best fit for this position because she wants to create a change and is willing to stand up and work for that change. She walks the walk and doesn’t just talk about it.

If you don’t know Annaleah Moore, she is married to Michael Moore (not the filmmaker), hard of hearing, and an Episcopalian. One of her core values is that every person, regardless of ability, race, age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other characteristic, is deserving of basic dignity and respect. 

Annaleah is a huge Bernie supporter too.

She and her husband Michael volunteered frequently with the campaign and I knew I could count on them on caucus night to be my co-captains.

Mika J. Covington

11542046_1133024523383643_1768365757480117406_nI support Annaleah because she is a Millennial and like me we are part of the future of the Iowa Democratic Party. I stand with her because she wants to lend her voice to help the party remember that.

Annaleah will work to engage young voters, to streamline the nomination process by using electronic voting tools, and to support state legislation that works for all of us, not just the few. She understands that when we stand together, there is nothing that will stop us from bringing about justice, liberty, and dignity for all.

Let’s unite the Iowa Democratic Party and vote for Annaleah Moore for State Central Committee.