I’m Running!

July 3, 2015 introducing Sen. Bernie Sanders

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for National Delegate to represent Pottawattamie County in the Iowa Delegation at the National Democratic Convention in July.

I am running as National Delegate because I want to represent the grassroots movement that pushed Bernie forward in Iowa and especially in Council Bluffs, where I worked alongside many amazing people to pull off a historic victory for Bernie Sanders in Pottawattamie County by beating Hillary Clinton. Pottawattamie County was a stronghold for Hillary Clinton in 2008.


I am a student at Iowa Western Community College (IWCC) stuyding psychology. At IWCC, I am the president of the College Democrats.

I have been a Democratic Party activist and organizer since 2010 working on Mayoral campaigns to working for President Obama as an organizing fellow with Organizing for America (OFA).

Recently, I volunteered with Organizing for Action as a spring fellow and worked for the progressive changed we voted for in 2012.

11391246_981335545240787_107062442060574773_nI am the former Pottawattamie County Democratic Party Affirmative Action chair and I was a precinct captain for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Currently, I work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, working to make sure that our delegates and alternates get to the district convention and represent the work we did at the county conventions.

I ask for you to support me as I run for National Delegate at the Third Congressional District Convention on April 30, 2016. Let’s stand together in this movement for Bernie Sanders.