Democratic Party Hits New Low, But There’s Hope!

untitdSince the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the Republicans keeping control of both Houses of Congress, the Democratic Party is at a new low. When you look at the states like Iowa, Republicans took control of all three branches of government. It is a bad time for Democrats and the time to create real change within the Democratic Party is now.


The time for establishment politics and establishment leaders is over. Now we must change who our leaders are and hold them accountable for the losses and wins of our party.


However, progress is being made across the nation. Democrats are standing up, demanding change, and jockeying for power. Even the Democratic National Committee is ground zero for the fight for power over the control of the party and the path forward. Senator Bernie Sanders and many progressives including some centrists have endorsed Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.


Looking at the states where the battle over the direction of the party is heating up, progressives are organizing and challenging the state party leaders.

Look at Wisconsin, the race for the state party chair is for the first time in years a contested race. The incumbent chair Martha Laning is expected to be held accountable for why Clinton lost the state. This is the first time that the state has voted for a Republican president in 32 years.

In Nebraska, Democrats had their upheaval in June. They elected progressives to many positions including electing prominent Sanders supporter Jane Kleeb state party chair.

In Hawaii, they also elected a new chair who was a strong Sanders supporter.

logo-blueRight here in Iowa, there are several people running for state chair and rumors that former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Blair Lawton is considering running. All of the candidates and possible candidates would make a good chair of the party.

Nevertheless, I believe that Blair should run for chair because as a professional organizer he already knows how to organize to ensure democrats win. He can take that experience to the leadership of the Iowa Democratic Party, working to rebuild the party by bringing people in, and making it more inclusive.