We will Remember you Pauline Beck!

14183948_1268870866464558_5067662180643256642_nPauline Beck passed away on August 29th, 2016. Pauline was a great person who would do anything for the people she loved. She had an impact on many lives by her generous heart. She was a friend to many and was like a mother to others.

I first met Pauline the day she walked into the 2016 Bernie Sanders office in Council Bluffs, Iowa. From that day forward she was in the office nearly every day. She took care of many of the needs of the office, or she would find someone who could.

14141572_10153641460471923_2098713491313469659_nPauline provided many home cooked meals, cleaned the office, and made many creative decorations. She even made sure we kept our eye on the ball.

Personally, Pauline helped guide me to where I am today. She thought of my health and kept reminding me not to stress and eat good foods. She would remind me how much stress goes into campaigns and how I could do more if I went back to college. I know she would be happy to see where I am today, studying psychology at the University of Iowa.

The following quotes are how Pauline will be remembered by many she had an impact on.

Pauline Beck was the ‘campaign mom’ to our Bernie Sanders offices in both Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. She spent nearly every single day with us, providing much needed home cooked meals, incredibly creative Bernie decorations (even Bernie cake pops). She kept our office clean and organized, and she kept us all grounded when our personal lives were going up in flames around us, and all we could do was trudge on for the sake of the greater good.

Pauline was our rock. She personally counseled me through an intense break-up, for my diabetes and was always snapping me out of the daily frustrations of running a campaign office, to have some much needed converstation about life and all its quirks.

She will be truly missed by the many lives she touched. Every time she left for the day I called after her ‘I love you, mom! See you tomorrow!’ We all love you mom, rest in peace.

-MacKenzie Ewing

“She made that office [Council Bluss, Bernie Sanders office]. She made it feel like home. She was the first person to talk to anybody, to make sure they felt welcome. She always jumped in to make sure everything was OK. She was a listener and a helper in a world that doesn’t have enough of either.

I don’t think I ever told her how much everyting she did menat to me. I wish I could.

-Leo Atkinson