Vote Mike Sherzan For Congress

Mike-Sherzan-2Today, I am endorsing Mike Sherzan for Congress. I met with him earlier this year and we spoke about many important issues at assured me that he would represent the values and beliefs I hold close to my heart and he would fight for the least of these in Congress. He also assured me that he will fight for equal rights and that he does hold the belief that healthcare is a human right not a privilege.

A Little about Mike

Mike’s life wasn’t easy. During his junior year in college, his farther passed away. Mike had to work hard to finish his degree while also keeping his college expenses low. His father’s Social Security benefits covered the last of his tuition bills, however that was before the outrageous prices it now costs to get a college education.

Late in Mike’s life, he started a company that grew into an Iowa based, 60-employee firm with over 35,000 customers in Iowa and across the country. He handed the role of CEO over to a very capable woman who has shared his goals and values of keeping the company an employee-owned company.

College Affordability

Mike believes that increasing the number of college graduates must be a top priority in our global economy. In Congress, he will support caps on student loan rates. He will vote to expand the college tuition tax credits and find innovative approaches to defraying the cost, such as creating programs that exchange credit for community service hours.

A Clean Energy Economy

Mike recognizes that Iowa is a leader in wind energy and that we have a highly-skilled manufacturing workforce. Thus, he believes that we have the tools to create a blueprint for a clean energy economy that can revitalize rural america while breaking our reliance on foreign oil and reducing our carbon footprint. In Congress, Mike will work against the oil lobby to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard and help connect industry leaders instead with renewable energy Iowa-based workforces.

Social Security & Medicare

Mike opposes any effort to privatize both Social Security and Medicare. Instead, he will look for ways each program can be managed more efficiently in order to create savings that can be reinvested for future generations.

Protecting the Working Class

Mike is a strong proponent of Equal Pay for Equal Work. He wants to increase the minimum wage and he believes that people who work full-time jobs should be compensated fairly.

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