We Won Pottawattamie County for Bernie Sanders!

562c50bbb08f6.imageThank you to everyone who worked so hard to win Iowa for Bernie Sanders. We did just that.

Some may say that Hillary Clinton won Iowa, however that is simply not true. Especially when the final results came down to 49.8% to 49.6%. That to me does not show a clear winner. This means that because of all of your hard work together we won 696.82 state delegate equivalents for Bernie Sanders compared to Hillary Clinton’s 700.59. This again shows no clear winner.

Locally, because of you all, Pottawattamie County, a former Hillary Clinton stronghold went for Bernie Sanders, 50.7% to 49.0%. Further, in my precinct, Council Bluffs 11, we won it for Bernie Sanders, 62.5% to 37.5% or 10 delegates to 6 delegates. Thank you everyone!

I would like to especially thank all of those who helped me on this campaign thus far. All of the support you all gave me means a lot and I know that I could not have done as much for Bernie Sanders without you.

Check out the results here: Iowa 2016 Democratic Caucus