Anti-trans group admits it made up Colorado student harassment story

This has got to stop!


cristanwilliamsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — You’ve seen the story earlier this week — ‘a trans student harasses girls in the locker room of a Colorado high school’ — when it went nearly viral on social media.

When I first saw it, I took a quick at the source — FOX News sourced to a leading tabloid, UK’s Daily Mail. That was my cue to move on to other things — things with an actual chance of being factual.

However, Cristan Williams, a writer on trans issues, did take the time investigate the claims being made and blew the story wide open — she proved it was completely false. Williams stated in TransAdvocate she believes the hate group — Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has admitted to making up this claim.

Now, Zack Ford of ThinkProgress, is also saying the trans hate group, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), admits to making the entire…

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