Andrew Dunn for Iowa House

I am voting for Andrew Dunn for Iowa House District 90.

Andrew Dunn is the only progressive working-class candidate running in the Democratic primary on June 7th (you may vote early now). Andrew has dedicated his life to fighting for working families. He’s been a volunteer, activist, organizer, Vice-Chair of a county Democratic party, nonprofit leader, and trusted staffer and advisor to Democratic leaders in the Iowa House and Senate.

He has delivered for Iowans in those roles. He’s secured additional funds for public schools, built protections for LGBTQ+ youth, and made students safer by improving mental health training and access in schools.

He’s running to be the change that we seek. He will use the experience he has to build the Iowa Democratic party and ensure that Democratic priorities on education, environment, and ALL kinds of justice, social, racial, and worker, are acted on by the government.

I support Andrew Dunn for HD 90 because:

I live with an ultra-rare genetic disease called cystinosis and I am a transgender woman.

Living as a trans woman with an ultra-rare disease means that I rely on Iowa Medicaid to survive and access healthcare. Unfortunately, Iowa is failing people like me. Iowa Republicans, every year vote to cut social welfare programs such as Medicaid which they’ve already privatized. The privatization of Medicaid in Iowa has led to increases in the amount of time patients wait for treatment. It’s increased the amount of paperwork physicians must fill out. It’s led to a decrease in the amount of time physicians can meet with their patients. It has led to a decrease in the quality of healthcare patients relying on Medicaid need to survive. Additionally, it has cut access to medications and treatments that physicians prescribe their patients.

The Iowa Republicans continue to attack transgender people in the state. Republicans work to reverse protections for transgender Iowans. They have passed laws prohibiting transgender people from accessing life-saving medically necessary gender-affirming care and they’ve banned transgender kids from participating in sports in Iowa schools. Republicans have proposed bills to ban transgender Iowans from using restrooms and to remove gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Code.

Andrew Dunn understands how vital it is to take back Iowa from the Republicans. He will not only represent us and fight for us, but he will also work to build the Iowa Democratic Party.

As he has said,

“This is my pledge to you: When elected, I’m going to continue being an organizer for our community and party. I’m going to work in Johnson County and beyond to build our party’s power and work to deliver on the policy our community demands. We cannot address the challenges of our time without a Democratic majority. I am dedicated to building that majority.”

Andrew on the issues (for a full list go to dunnforiowa):


  • He stands for fully funding the public education institutions and halting the advance of privatization in Iowa’s school systems.
  • He supports ending state funding for schools that discriminate or reserve the right to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community.
  • He supports the implementation of comprehensive, common-sense gun violence prevention legislation, including but not limited to universal background checks, the regulation of “ghost guns,” mandatory reporting for lost and stolen firearms, and the enactment of stricter licensure requirements.
  • He supports students’ rights to be affirmed in their gender identity and sexual orientation.


He promises to fight for accessible, high-quality, affordable healthcare and prescription drugs that every Iowan deserves, regardless of how much they make or where they’re from. He also believes that healthcare is a human right, that abortion is healthcare, and that trans healthcare is medically necessary.

  • He supports ending the privatization of Medicaid.
  • He supports the expansion of Medicare/Medicaid and rolling back unconstitutional anti-trans exclusions.
  • He supports codifying the protections of Roe v. Wade and a person’s essential right to choose.
  • He supports significantly increasing funding for mental healthcare and increasing the number of staffed psych. beds to address Iowa’s mental healthcare deficit.
  • He supports efforts to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Labor Rights

  • He supports unionization in every workplace to ensure more Iowa workers are compensated fairly, get quality benefits, and maintain the power to work together to stop exploitation and other unfair/illegal practices like wage theft.
  • He supports a $15/hr minimum wage and the return of local control to county governments.
  • He supports abolishing “right to work” laws and reinstating Iowa’s Chapter 20 labor provisions.

Agricultural and Environment

  • He supports a policy that would ensure Iowa has a net negative or net-zero carbon footprint within a decade.
  • He supports a moratorium on CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) statewide, and the creation of more meaningful and comprehensive policies to prevent harmful gas and manure leaks that poison our air, water, and soil.

Economy and Budget

  • He supports expanding and increasing funding for state and local affordable housing efforts based on the recommendations of experts working with those in need.
  • He supports the passage and implementation of the Iowa Manufactured Home Resident’s Bill of Rights that afford rent protections, and rights to residents in the case of property sale, create good cause eviction standards, and require fair fees and legal leases.
  • He supports increasing funding and access to affordable childcare and early childhood education.
  • He supports expediting rent and mortgage assistance requests made possible by the American Rescue Plan.


  • He supports ending statutory mandatory minimum sentences that fail to address community safety by focusing on punishment rather than rehabilitation and exacerbating mass incarceration.
  • He supports ending the War on Drugs and the regulation/legalization of cannabis in Iowa.
  • He supports expunging the records of all those charged with nonviolent cannabis-related offenses and expanding the current inadequate medical cannabis program.

LGBTQ Issues

  • He supports a ban on sexual orientation change efforts, otherwise known as “gay conversion therapy.”
  • He supports the expansion of Iowa’s hate crime statute to include gender identity.
  • He supports making it easier for all Iowans to acquire and alter forms of ID, as well as including an option for nonbinary status.

Democracy and Government

  • He supports the abolition of voter ID laws
  • He supports protecting Iowa’s nonpartisan redistricting commission that has served as the model for fair redistricting nationwide.
  • He supports the return of local control to counties and municipalities where the state has acted to pre-empt common-sense measures that improve the lives of Iowans.

Vote Andrew Dunn June 7th