Running for DNC member


I am running to be on the Democratic National Committee (DNC)  and this means that I will be sent the National Democratic Convention this summer if elected. Thus, I am fundraising.

I am getting involved in the Party because I live with a very rare genetic disease called cystinosis. The disease damages all of my organs including my kidneys, eyes, thyroid, liver, muscles, bones, and brain. It is because of this that I know we need to elect Democrats. I am standing up for the change I seek.

As a transgender woman, I know that Democrats have my back and I want to have their back. It is because of this that I want to continue the movement that has brought all the new democrats into the Party by being a member of the DNC to create the change that we seek.

I ask for you to consider making a grassroots donation and if I do not win the money will be sent back to you unless otherwise specified by the donor.

I ask for your support and let’s work together to build a strong progressive Democratic Party.

Mika Jayne Covington

Make your grassroots donation here: