Capitalism, genocide, and the necessity of revolution

The Weekly Bolshevik


Being poor is not a rite of passage for young people. It is a systemic part of capitalism that economically enslaves us at an early age and deprives us of the means to enjoy and better our lives. We are charged absurd amounts of money just to barely get by for the rest of our lives. This is no wild phenomenon. It is a very basic structure of our society.

Capitalism constantly tells us that there is no work to be done when in fact there are countless problems in the world that need to be fixed. Whether it be poverty, malnutrition, or pollution, there are plenty of things that require work, but because the capitalists have not found ways to properly profit from such endeavors, they refuse to acknowledge them and instead distract us with movies, pundits, and endless entertainment. The working-class youth gobble it up in a fight…

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