Horrible Week

This week has been a very busy week and a horrible week. This week I have been very sick. I keep running temps over 100 and vomiting. I ended up in the hospital where they kept telling me, “you may or may not have an Infection and you may or may not have Hep C or something else. We really just don’t know what is going on.” So they sent me home because at that moment it looked like I was doing better.

But in reality I was not doing better and I become more sick. I started having more vomiting and temps over 100 which I did not have in the hospital and very loose stools. In addition, I started getting pains in my right side all the way back to my kidneys. (I am having that pain right now).

So when I went to my dialysis center for my clinics I met my dialysis Nurse Practitioner who is the best and seems to be one of the best is worried about how I am doing. In addition, asks to look at the blood results from the Nebraska Medical Center whom did not tell me what those same results were when they were discharging me.

So she looked at the results and was surprised by them. She was informed that my liver enzymes were increased but did not know that they were that increased. Therefore, she said that I have some liver issues but is unsure what they are. So she has ordered more blood tests to see what is going on with the liver and she is checking the pancreas just to be sure.

What I do finally know is that I do not have an infection. They have rulled that out completely. Something else is going on here and she is worried.

Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with getting my kidney transplant and may post pone the transplant for months depending on what is going on here. I am very upset about that.

As I said this week has been very busy and troubling. I am very upset with everything going on. I am worried. I am sick. I am sad. I may even be falling into a deep depression. I am lost. Maybe this is what is like to finally grasp how serious my condition is. Maybe it wasn’t until now that I have realized my days are number and I am just getting worse.

So my question for the universe, What do I do now?

2 thoughts on “Horrible Week

  1. Stick it out. Things like this happen and I’m so sorry you have to go through with it. Ask your doctor if its okay to take a b complex vitamin, it may help keep your depression away. Other than that, don’t lose hope. If one doctor is an idiot, go to another. I had to switch from going to an endocrinologist to a pediatrics doctor solely for the phlebotomist and because my doctor knows more than the endo does. It’s sad that some doctors are idiots (was diagnosed with hyperthyroid at 16, then a second blood test showed that my TH count was extremely high, but I was actually with hypothyroid). If you want someone to keep your spirits up, I’m here.


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