Come on, Nebraska!

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know that I have been in the process of legally changing my gender. In this battle, I have had a recent victory. I went to the Social Security Administration to work on my disability case and while there I was able to provide a doctor’s note to update my gender to female. The administration took the note and now for federal proposes, I am a female. Additionally, this week I filed my paperwork for a passport so I can use it as an I.D. with the correct gender.

However, to get the State of Iowa to update my gender to female, they want an updated birth certificate with the updated gender. But, I was born in Nebraska where the state requires surgery before you can update the gender. I am not in a place in my life where I can have the surgery.

Therefore, I need to get a District Court in Iowa to issue an order to Nebraska to update my gender on my birth certificate.

Unfortunately, being one of the thousands of transgender people who live in poverty, I do not have the resources to cover the legal fees associated with obtaining such a Court order.

thus, I am raising funds to cover those legal expenses. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

Go here to donate: GoFundMe

Thank you for helping me fight this battle and thank you for being with me while I fought many others.

Thank you again,

Mika Jayne Covington


De Facto Leaders of a Leaderless Movement AKA Occupy Omaha

Yes, I know this is once again about Occupy Omaha but this will be my last post for a while.

So anyways, I shared the comment Steve made on my blog on my facebook and then it starts another controversy apparently. D’Shawn decided that he would unblock me so that he can comment on my facebook and this is what the bitch said, “You are an unbelievably sick person, Mika. Your last two Occupy Omaha meetings consisted of you telling us all you were too ill to continue working in Occupy Omaha then disappeared for a few weeks. When you reappeared I asked how you were doing out of concern, you wen’t on a brag about the 70+ hours a week you had been putting in at the Obama Campaign. You didn’t quit because you are notoriously difficult to work with and you have no tact whatsoever.  Your very last meeting you offended most of the group with your antics. They are not appreciated.  I don’t know what caused you to stoop this low but I will go on record for Steve. He was not the one responsible for that post. Whichever one of you is responsible for this is a sick individuals and anyone who would chose to support this group of people, I would liken them to the women in Lincoln who cut herself in a twisted attempt to advance her cause. You are sick and need to get help.”

So my response to that shit, “Oh so now the de facto leader tells me that I fake my illness and that I fake having a Creatinine level of 8.84. Guess working for the Obama camp consisted of me sitting in a chair making calls and doing data. Oh and I did dialysis during the day at the office. I have many witnesses of all the work I did and how sick I was and how sick I continue to get while waiting for the kidney transplant. Oh and BTW I only lasted for about a month with the camp because I even got too sick to sit around at the office and make calls. Oh and I even haven’t really been doing much for Forward Equality either. I will continue to attack dumbfucks like you and Steve.”

D’Shawn comes back with this, “Exactly. You don’t even care about your cause. Only getting even. I hope people will start to see you for what you really are. Ultimately, you have my pity.”

Of course, I say one last thing back to him, “Yes of course not being able to physically do the work anymore is not caring about my cause. Literally dying of stage 5 Cystinosis is not caring about my cause. I am not trying to get even. I am just sharing the facts of what you fuckers are.”


So let’s get into this shit a little deeper.

Yes, I did tell everyone about my illness the last Occupy Omaha meeting I went to as an actual member. I did that as an educational tool since only 500 people in the United States have Cystinosis.  I even sat there with my dialysis stuff and showed them that. About a month later or even more I started working with the Obama Camp in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Then after about a month of being there and a lot of drama out of my control and on top of that it was getting hot and I could not go out and go door to door to talk to negbors about why the should support President Obama and it was just becoming more and more difficult to work there for many reasons mostly including my health and how I have nausea and vomiting and I am really sleeply all day long and need to rest a lot now I could not stay there. Thus, I only volunteer for the Obama Camp once or twice a week and I also on Sundays go to Omaha to the Sara Howard Campaign to help her out too.

Yes, the very last meeting I went to I pissed off both Steve and D’Shawn. I did this by telling them that I thought they should actually listen to their membership and start doing rallies again. Which started some dialogue between a couple of the 7 Occupy Omaha members there. However, of course D’Shawn immediately disapproved of the idea and tried to dismiss me. I would not let that shit happen and I told him he was wrong. Then he tried to pull the shit that they don’t have enough numbers for a successful rally which is when I told them that they could organize to get at least 20 to 30 people there. Of course this is when Steve decides to add his disapproval of my ideas and claims that would take too much “man” power which of course I shot down quickly by saying well no if everyone her went and called at least 5 people that they believe would be most interested in attending this then that would be a start and there you could possibly get 35 people contacted. Of course, that is throwing around my antics and being rude to everyone.  That is where D’Shawn is getting his idea that I offended everyone. Only people at that meeting that looked offended was D’Shawn and Steve the two who have proclaimed themselves the de facto leaders of a leaderless movement.

So there you have it everyone, the dumbfucks are at it again!!

Ignorant and Discriminatory Occupy Omaha

I would like to take a moment to go further into the whole Occupy Omaha issue.

I first started attending Occupy Omaha meetings and protests back in Sept of 2011. I went to two General Assemblies and one protest. I then left Occupy Omaha for about a month because of something that happened at a Occupy Omaha protest.

This protest took place at Turner Park in Omaha where I was standing there with my We are a Part of the 99% in rainbow showing that Queers are part of this. Well, at this same protest was this Ron Paul freak with megaphone yelling Ron Paul shit. I did not agree with this asshole so I stood away from him and then he asked me why I kept moving away from him. I told him well you do not represent my political opinions. I do not support Ron Paul. Then this asshole started verbally attacking me and telling me that LGBTQ issues have no place in Occupy Omaha. I got so mad at this asshole that I went to leave and while I stood there yelling at this asshole others around me weren’t really standing up for me even though several of them were part of the LGBTQ community themselves. So like I said I left. I refused to be part of Occupy for a month.

In addition, to that I was part of an online community of Occupy Omaha and I would post things about all sorts of things involving Occupy and Occupy Queer Affinity groups. I also happened to be a founding member of this online Occupy Omaha group and suddenly my posts were being removed by another admin and then I was removed from being an admin and soon even removed from the page. This only reinforced my anger toward Occupy Omaha.

But, my friend Ken was involved in Occupy Omaha so I started to attend again and this was about a month or so later though. I started to talk to people about these issues and many within the group were pissed and they wanted to be sure I felt comfortable there and that I know they support Queers and that many of them are Queer themselves  So things started to turn around. Then Forward Equality wanted to support them and Forward Equality is the organization I started and work for. We would have to be sure they took steps to ensure that there would be no discrimination  harassment, or bullying of LGBTQ people or anyone at their meetings and that they would have to have a safe space for everyone. Therefore, I wrote up a nondiscrimination and worked within the group to form coalitions with individuals to support this nondiscrimination clause. There was some people that were against the idea of having a clause telling people how to act but they said they would not vote against it or block it from passing.

Nevertheless, Ken made the actual proposal and there was some discussion and then the clause passed at a General Assembly meeting in January of 2012. This was big news because it was just before the Omaha City Council voted on and passed an nondiscrimination ordinance.  Forward Equality then supported Occupy Omaha. Occupy Omaha published that passage of this nondiscrimination clause and published it on their newsletters, website, and facebook page.

Then in February or March it was time to pass a anti-bullying and anti-harassment statement to further explain Occupy Omaha’s stance and opposition to bullying and harassment. There were many instances of individuals bullying and harassing members of Occupy Omaha. This was happening on their facebook page and sometimes at events. This policy also passed by the General Assembly.

Nevertheless, Steve and Dshawn would not follow the policies set forth by the General Assembly and they would harass and bully members of Occupy Omaha if they did not agree with their personal beliefs. Steve would sexually harass me using facebook and he even at one time decided to ask me out. Steve is in his upper 40’s and I am 21. I told him no. I told him he is creepy and should leave me alone. I also explained to him my gender thinking that would help get him to leave me alone. Ever since that conversation he would harass me and bully.

Membership would drop and recently about two to three months ago Dshawn and Steve decided to remove the nondiscrimination clause and the anti-bullying and anti-harassment statement. This is when I decided I could no longer support Occupy Omaha at all. After they did that they decided that Occupy Omaha’s direction will go wherever they want it to go and so they are no protesting President Obama. Therefore, I am recommending tonight that Forward Equality Board of Directors rescind their support of Occupy Omaha and I encourage all organizations, business, and individuals to rescind their support of Occupy Omaha.

This is all in addition, to what I recently blogged about. You know, how I was banned from posting or commenting on their page because I said something calling out Steve for once again attacking me on their facebook page.