Let’s Send Young Home! Vote for Mowrer!

Mowrer1stfront-700x549Jim Mowrer grew up on a family farm in central Iowa where he learned the value of hard work. At an early age his father was killed in a farming accident. However, because of services such as social security survivor benefits his family was able to stay afloat. It is because of this experience that formed his outlook and ideology and why Jim is a Democrat.

Jim’s campaign is about service to the people of Iowa and our nation. He spent twenty-three (23) months in Iraq and returned home to work with Vice-President Joe Biden as his veteran’s director, and in 2010 President Barack Obama appointed him to a position in the Congress. Jim is running because it is time that our government works for everyone, not for special interests and Washington insiders.

13524285_1037914256278125_2520801223773905406_nI support Jim Mowrer for Congress and David Young for retirement. Let’s get a solid Democrat in Congress to represent the people of Congressional District 3.

Visit Jim’s website to sign up for information and to volunteer to turn CD3 blue again! Here: http://jimforiowa.com/

Jim on the Issues
Jobs and Economy:

Republicans are out of touch with Americans. Rather than help make college more affordable they hand out money to Wall Street corporations and Big Oil.

Jim believes it is time Congress prioritized people in the economy instead of corporations. He will do just that by working to rein in tax loopholes for corporations and reinstate Glass Steagall to prevent too big to fail banks from destroying the economy again.

Jim knows that parents have to choose too often between caring for a sick child and supporting hard work instead of punishing it, reduce the growing threat of vast income inequality, and rebuild our middle class.

Veterans and Service members:

Jim will make sure that we protect and continue to expand programs to help train veterans for jobs when they come back home and make sure that they are highly qualified to enter the workforce.

Social security and medicare:

While Republicans in Congress continue to say that we don’t have the money to fund Social Security, Jim supports lifting the cap on contributions to reach full funding of Social Security.

Jim supports using the power of the federal government to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs for Medicare – just like we do for the VA.


Jim understands that climate change is one of the biggest threats to both our National Security and Iowa’s economy.

Jim’s Plan to Combat Climate Change:

  • Support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan
  • Restore the tax credit for wind energy to its full amount.
  • End tax breaks for Big Oil
  • Protect and strengthen the Clean Air Act from attacks by Republicans

Visit Jim’s website to sign up for information and to volunteer to turn CD3 blue again! Here: http://jimforiowa.com/

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