2013 Drunk Queers/Pissing/Transplants 2013 Good or Bad???

2013 for me starts out at the Flix in downtown Omaha. The Flix is a queer bar. It is not the best queer bar in the town by the way. Anyways, I am there with a friend and after they do their little ball drop some dumbass kid who likes to go around and try to kiss and touch all the guys he likes there goes up to the wrong queer and tries to kiss him. This guy pushes this kid away from him and the kid falls back into this older queer and drinks fly and spill all over my friends and the old guy falls off his chair. It was a mess. If I were standing where my friend was I probs would have gotten injured. So Bad or Good?

After that event we decide to leave and go to the MAX which is a Queer Club in Downtown Omaha. A nice one by the way. Well we get there and they are not allowing any more people in.  So Bad or Good?

We decide to go to the friends place to sit for awhile I and would read more of the book I got for Christmas called Dune. Well, we are sitting there and I am reading. When the friends roommate comes how drunk off his ass with is friend. They sit there and be drunk and then finally the roommate’s friend passes out on their couch and the roommate goes up to his bed room to sleep. Well the roommate’s friend gets up drunkenly and moves to the dinning room and stands there mumbling something and then heads to the kitchen where he proceeds to piss on the kitchen floor. I get up and leave.  Oh and by the way this all happens within the first three hours of the new year. So Bad or Good?

Then this week I get word from my prospective kidney donor that she cannot donate her kidney to me. She explained that there were some concerns with some of her results and that it was not her choice, because she really wanted to donate the kidney to me. I am personally greatly thankful that she had the courage to take the steps to even try to donate her time and her kidney to me. It is unfortunate that things did not work out.  So Bad or Good?

Nevertheless, because of the transplant being canceled it has made me feel I must take a stand and get my story out there. It has also made me decide I should go to Denver to get listed there as well as in Iowa City.

But, I must point out that this is a major set back for me professionally and personally. I was indeed really counting on this transplant to work out and hopefully get it done in February so that I could move forward on other matters that are very important to me. Needless to say, that medically I am not doing the best.

Before I end this blog post I must point out the fact that I have not been blogging much lately. It could have something to do with the fact that I am more sick then I was before. It might have something to do with the fact that I continue to have set backs with my transplant. It might have something to do with the fact that most of my family does not support me and more than one of them has actively lobbied against my civil rights and/or supports churches and groups that actively lobbing against my civil rights. It could also have something to do with the fact that from the beginning before I started this blog  and before I really spoke out about what I think that I was actively attacked by many of the stuck up queers in the State of Nebraska. These queers have sought to destroy anything and everything I have worked on all for their own personal interests.



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  1. Wow great post Mika. So sorry to hear your New Years was not the best. Hope things get better. Hope to see you soon!


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