Condescending Bullshit!

This is just unbelievable ! Okay, so I promised myself that I would just throw Occupy Omaha in the trash and no longer blog about them. But this is just unbelievable!!

So I get this message from them through a “friend,” “good news, the Ga decided tonight to let yo u and mika and ken back on the fb page. the premise is that since the 3 of you were banned under some less than scrutinized circumstances, with a personal conflict , of which we can find no evidence in fb pages nor the rules under which you were banned, then, we felt it is only fair to reinstate you. there are still general rules tho. it is just common sense; stick with the occupy issues, don’t flame or use fb pages of OO for personal conflicts, and no spamming. the agreement is if you break the rules sufficiently there will be one warning. after that, banned again. wishing you an enlightening experience! ec, OO fb admin.”


So before I let you all know what my response was to this let’s look at this message closely. First please look at how she spelled Mika and Ken. She did not capitalize the M or the K. This shows lack of respect. Next let’s look at how she does not mention that actually issue at hand at all. To remind everyone that issue was the personal attacks against me and Ken whom happen to both be big Democrats and supporters of PRESIDENT Barack Obama. Remember these attacks were lead by Occupy Omaha’s ex-de facto leaders who immediately after attacking Ken and I and after I posted something asking why they were getting away with attacking us banned both Ken and I and then threatened to ban another supporter of ours. Remember they decided to do this unilaterally without permission of Occupy Omaha’s General Assembly.  Finally, lets look at how they do not apologize for any and all harm done to those of us involved.

Now that I went over all of that let’s see what I said back.

“Yup I don’t see what took so long and there were plenty of proof of what people saw who supposedly supported us. In addition to that we never posted on the Occupy Omaha page attacking individuals or Occupy Omaha. If we are attacked again by members of Occupy Omaha because of our political views I will point out the hypocrisy of Occupy Omaha once again,” said by me.


Let me be clear Eve was the one who first notified me of the bashing against me and Ken.

“you said yo u didnt have any of the emails or fb posts from anyone who was i started looking for them. they are not on the fb page. neither are the rules for admins, fb page users or anything else. so we start over,” said by Eve.

Ok so lets look at this first of all there never were emails no one ever said anything about emails. Second of all these people went and deleted everything. Remember these people were admins for the facebook page not me. Finally, the rules for the admins were posted and agreed upon by the Occupy Omaha General Assembly back when people actually went to Occupy Omaha.

“That is all I have to say about that crap No we don’t just start over after the shit you all pulled thank you very much,” said by me.

“and again, we “all” did not pull it. we kno w who did. OO is not a groupthink collective,” said by Eve.


Let me be clear. This group saw all this shit taking place and just sat around and did nothing. By the way, the people that did this shit were not banned and never received any punishment or “talking” to about it. Now all Occupy Omaha wants to do as a group is not even recognize the shit that happened and they just want to brush it under the rug and move on and forget about it.

“Well they all us to be there until you all let D’Shan and Steve take over the group. I am done with this Occupy Omaha crap anyway but if something happens again I will once again post and blog about it,” said by me.

Sorry I messed up in my English there. I meant to say was all means you all who decided to let D’Shann and Steve take over the group.

“you’re welcome,” said by Eve.

So look at all that shit! There was no sorry for the troubles we caused by letting to radicals take over the group and not let the General Assembly make decisions. Instead they are trying to hide what happened and act like they did not see what shit that D’shann and Steve did against any and all Democrats or Obama supporters.

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