Mika is Not Dignified!!

Today, I was told that it is difficult for people to take me seriously.

Thus, I have this to say, “People who get me get understand me. Those who are excessively uptight and serious are the only ones to have issues with my blogs. As, I tell everyone, if you do not like what I have to say in my blogs or on my facebook then do not read it and unfriend me. I was not placed on this world to please everyone and worry about how people will take the things I say. I am only responsible with what I say, not how people understand what I say.”

Then this person tells me this, “Okay, I think it’s hard to take this dignified stance when you called Steve King a little whore.”

So then, I had this to say, “Once again. That is what I think of him. The blog is my opinions personal and political. People are free to judge me as they wish. The ones that are worth my time will understand me for me. The ones who are not will continue to judge me. I am fine with only have a few good friends who understand me for who I am, then having friends that think I must prove to them that I am a dignified person.”

Then this person goes to tell me this, “Okay. Well, you know I disagree with how you present yourself sometimes, but that’s your right, so I’ll let it rest at that.”

My response was this, “See I am completely different from you. I don’t feel I have to prove my self-importance to my friends. I don’t feel I have anything to prove to anyone. I also don’t believe we need to be so uptight and serious all the time. If you have such an issue with me and how I am then you really should not be my friend.”

I am really sick of people telling me that I need to be more dignified in life. As if expressing one’s self is something bad. I do not agree to this. I am sorry that you cannot handle my personality and me. If you cannot deal with me then you, probably should not be my friend and we need to move on. I am sick and tired of people telling me that I am hard to deal with. Well you know what! I rather be hard to deal with then to be a fake uptight bitch with no substance who thinks sie has to prove hirself to the world.

If you are a friends with me on facebook or in real life and you think that I am hard to deal with and that I should prove my self-importance to the world, maybe you should step back and look at yourself and look at what you can improve of yourself. Because there is nothing, wrong with being real to yourself and the world. So get over it and deal with me.

Oh and you know what, I am not sorry that you find it hard to deal with me. Thank you very much!


No, I am sorry all you drama whores I am not going to disclose this person’s identity because I do still consider this person a friend. We went through this in the thread and are now back on good standing.