Occupy Omaha’s Anti-Obama “Protest”

Occupy Omaha protested the Obama office last Wednesday with five people standing outside the office in front of a gas station!

Occupy Omaha said that they were protesting both Obama and Romney because they claim they are the same person because they are both bought by corporations. Occupy Omaha had a facebook event for their protest where it showed many people would be in attendance but then when it came down to going out and actually protesting you only seem to see five people.

I decided that we needed to go out and show support for Obama so I created a facebook event in support of Obama. Of course there was lots of support for Obama but it did end up where only a couple of us showed up to protest Occupy Omaha and support Obama but by the time I got there with the signs Occupy Omaha was gone.

It would appear that Occupy Omaha came and stood there long enough just to do a little photo shoot in front of a gas station! LOL You could not tell that they were trying to protest the Obama office or event he John Ewing for Congress office. In addition, you can barely read their signs and almost none of them said anything about Obama. I was quite confused when I saw the pictures. I will post them.

Occupy Omaha “Protesting” Obama

So Occupy Omaha (5 people) decided they did not like Obama and decided to go out and protest a Kwik Shop!! You can also barely read any of their signs!!

Occupy Omaha getting ready to “protest” Obama

Here they are getting ready to protest the Kwik Shop!! LOL

Occupy Omaha “Protesting” Obama

So this it was their signs say!! LOL Only one of them says something about Obama! Doesn’t even say what he has done wrong! Just a white women saying he has somehow taken her rights away and that she wants Obama Repealed and Replaced! WTF does that shit mean!!? LOL Oh and a sign that says “It’s not LEFT vs RIGHT It’s 99% vs 1%” Well let’s see the Right (Republicans) support the rich and support the 1% while the Left (Democrats) support the poor and middle class or the 99%! So yes dumbfucks it is LEFT vs RIGHT!! Even with the third parties it is LEFT (Greens, Justice, Democratic Socialists) and the RIGHT (Constitution, Libertarian, Tea Party)! So what the fuck are you trying to say!!?

Omaha Obama Office

Look at that it is the Obama office and look at all those cars!! They are Obama supporters!! I wonder what they are doing!? Oh wait they are doing something that is actually making a difference!! They are making calls and entering data for Obama to help him get Re-elected!! And guess what just right there is 13 cars and all of them had Obama stickers on them!! It would look to me that Obama had more support instead then Occupy Omaha had outside with their little circlejerk protest against the Kwik Shop!! See on the Occupy Omaha page they try to claim that Obama does not have much support and that the office was really quite but by the time I got there Occupy Omaha was no where to be found and the parking lot was completely full of cars! Everyone was inside making calls and helping Obama out instead of standing around protesting a gas station!!

So there you have it! That is what happened at Occupy Omaha’s protest! They claim to have protested the Romney office but they don’t seem to have any pics of it for some reason! They don’t tell anyone why that is though.



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  1. This movement is a sham. It’s such a ghost of the actual values of the Occupy movement.


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