Occupy Omaha Discriminates!!

Guess what guys!!??

Occupy Omaha has banned me from commenting or posting on their facebook page!! Why you ask?? Because I posted on their page bitchy about this creepy asshole guy named Steve who used their facebook page to bitch about me and thought that I would not notice.

Get this! I have not been to any Occupy Omaha meetings or events in quite a while because I politically disagree with them now. They have changed completely from when Occupy Omaha started. Most of the members left a while ago and there were only a small group of them that stayed to try to grow the group. But instead they kept taking the group in directions that most people do not agree with.

In addition this Steve guy attacked my friend Ken and Ken has been a member of Occupy Omaha longer than me and at the time hes still considered himself a member of Occupy. Steve happens to be a admin for the Occupy Omaha facebook page which of course means that he has control of its content and who can post or comment on it which is probably why my post was removed so quickly and why I have been banned. But guess what Ken was also an admin to the page and of course he was removed from being an admin as of yesterday. This was voted on because he wasn’t at the last General Assembly. They says the rules are you are removed from being an admin if you do not show up to General Assembly meetings. But Ken was to many except for the last month or so and the others who have been gone longer but was at the last General Assembly was not removed. This leads me to believe that he was removed because he supports me and because he is a big democrat and Obama supporter.

Oh and I almost forgot Occupy Omaha has recently decided to let the views of a couple people control their message completely which is why they are now attacking President Obama and they plan to protest his campaign offices in Omaha, Nebraska. So since I found that out I have been telling everyone that I know supports Obama to come to my new event called Support President Obama Rally where we are showing our support for President Barack H. Obama while protesting Occupy Omaha!! Which this could be another reason why I was removed. Before that everyone knew I am a huge supporter of Obama and I even was on the campaign as a Summer Organizer and can you believe it I was open and proud of that when asked. Well on the other hand Ken is also a big supporter and a delegate for the Nebraska Democratic Party. How convent. LOL

Guess what people!? After those men or that man found out that I am having a counter protest against them he decided to have their protest moved to October 24. Therefore, my counter protest has been moved to the 24th also.

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8 thoughts on “Occupy Omaha Discriminates!!

  1. You are my hero. Keep on standing up for what’s right.


    1. Lol thank you! These people that are now controlling Occupy Omaha has attacked more than just Ken and I. It’s all because we dont agree with them. They even decided that they would remove the nondiscrimination and anti-bullying policies that were agreed upon back when the General Assemblies had around 30 to 40 people. The entire group now is about 7 to 12 people.


  2. I can vouch for all of this…Steve has been a problem for a long time and has had numerous complaints against him from several different, unassociated people, but when anyone tries to call him out, they are banned or are threatened to be banned…I have been threatened to be banned several times by both Steve and the self appointed “leader” of Occupy Omaha, Dshawn. I can name half a dozen people who left the group specifically because of Steve (I call him Hobo Steve..if you met him you would know why) and another dozen who left because they totally disagree with the direction the group is going. OO says they welcome everyones input, and criticize people who “don’t get involved”, but if anyone disagrees with the core group, they are shot down and basically shunned. There is more drama and back-biting and cattiness in that group than in every high school cheerleading squad combined, therefore nobody WANTS to get or stay involved. Basically the people who are in charge have ruined the group and forever tainted the local Occupy movement as a joke in the eyes of the general public. I am totally pissed about this because I was looking forward to being a part of the Occupy movement and it has been hi-jacked by fascists. Thank you Mika for blogging about this..I am totally on you and Kens side on this one.


    1. Thank you so much Nicole for supporting me! The hate has already been rolling in and I am just not responding to any of it. I must tell you that I and others are planning to continue to attack Occupy Omaha now. We are sick of their trash and they will learn that they messed with the wrong people.


  3. STFU down syndrome baby


    1. Look it is Steve commenting on my blog! LOL he finaly found it.


    2. Steve, you are pathetic. Thanks for demonstrating to the public what we all have been complaining about. LOL


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    This is an article is by a friend. It is just one of many articles about some of the trouble we have encountered with some people in the group.


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