Ken is so right now this shit!! I think these churches are so fucked up!!! Those stupid bitches!!

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OMAHA, NE – Local churches are a major part of the current anti-LGBT petition drive, in most cases they are THE location where the petition will be signed. There is a huge coalition of churches involved going by a variety of names, as vast and varied as their own hatred for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people, pushing their hatred upon their church goers.

According to the Omaha World Herald, Christ Community Church, Omaha Catholic Parishes, Omaha Trinity Hope Foursquare Church, Westside Church, Lifegate Church, King of Kings Lutheran Church, and Salem Baptist Church are among the churches actively participating.  The reality is, even more churches are involved and most of them belong to the Nebraska Heritage Coalition, which help create the bigoted Omaha Liberty Project.

One of the guys that is in charge of the Omaha Liberty Project is from Nigeria, Femi Awodele.  I…

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  1. mark ashton is a willow creek association pastor and wca pastors believe in being opportunists for the most part.

    (that is a motto to WCA churches: speak with a silver tongue and say anything to be liked. (i.e. being seeker-sensitive)

    (that explains why their churches wont publically speak out on so called “Christian” Prophets and Domionist Peddlers

    on the right like Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle and Rick Joyner and Mike Bickle

    who have said a lot of untruthful things and have made up so called prophecies “god” told them (and then when they dont happen, they call “God” scatter-brained)

    (btw, Mark Ashton ‘s silence on Bickle/Jacobs/Joyner makes me think he supports the Domionists

    nor will folks like “Pastor” Mark Ashton denounce the hate rhetoric of the AFA folks

    (and in particular Bryan Fischer (a man seen and denounced by both sides as being a bigot)

    but yet, these same churches like “Christ” Community Church and “Life”gate and King of Kings Church will get involved and promote their conservative political beliefs

    I guess they dont really care about anything except proping up willow creek association churches and appeasing their psuedo-conservative followers.

    btw, lets remember that City councilman Franklin Thompson is a member of Lifegate Church (wonder if he is involved in this thing that Lifegate is doing)


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  3. speaking of goofy churches, anyone seen this?

    it is a so called “christian” “revival” in omaha

    and surprise (not) ,

    it is sponsored by the Storehouse Movement (aka a group Al Riskowski of the Nebraska Family Council) is associated with

    and is being peddled by Lifegate Church of Omaha (aka the church councilman Franklin Thompson on the city council is part of)

    which btw Lifegate is part of the laughable and dubious Nebraska Heritage Coalition.

    I think people should keep tabs on these guys cause some weird stuff is being said

    that and these guys have influential people in omaha in their pocket and a agenda for all of Omaha

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    at 11:12 AM


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