Voting while Genderqueer in Iowa

My last blog was about trying to vote in Iowa and this is the second part to that story.

Ok so this week Diane and I went to the County Auditor’s office to find out what is going on with the letter I got telling me that I need to bring in an Iowa state issued photo ID or passport and if I don’t have those that I would need to bring in two letters proving my address. Well we get there and show them the letter and the women who looked at said that she didn’t think this would have come from that office because she doesn’t recognize it. Then they pull up me on the computer to see what the problem was and they immediately go straight to the gender thing and say well no wonder my daughter has that problem too and her name is Mickyla. Therefore, Diane and I clear that up and say that I am still a male legally that is. Then she does some typing the computer and tells us, “no wonder your social security number is wrong.” And that we must of wrote it wrong when we filled out the forms. Then they ask for my social security card and ID to take photocopies of them and the letters so that they can get it all fixed and they told me that I could now mail in my ballot when I feel like it and my vote will be counted. Nevertheless, we will have no proof that everything is fixed and that they will actually count my ballot.

It is some of our beliefs that the Republicans are trying to contest people’s voter status to maybe win the state since it looks like it will go for Obama this year.  There are many reasons for this and the first is that when I first talked to the County Auditor’s office they again immediately went to the whole gender thing being wrong not that the actual social security number being wrong. Then I get the letter that looks like it could be a fake and then when I go to the office they again go straight to the gender thing and then finally state the actual social security number is wrong instead. Overall it kind of felt like they were covering up for someone.

This really makes me wonder how many genderqueer, transgender, Latino, poor, and elderly people are going throw this same thing in the state of Iowa and in other states that the Republicans are scared of losing.

Here’s the letter from the County Auditor’s office:

Now if you look at this letter they do not give a reason why they need this information. Please note that it also says, “If you have any questions, please call the auditor’s office at…..” THERE IS NO NUMBER!!

In addition, please explain to me why the are fucking sending out ballots to people with social security numbers that do not mater the name of the person!!




4 thoughts on “Voting while Genderqueer in Iowa

  1. I noticed that on the letter as well, also since its ‘from the auditor’ they usually would use an official letterhead that has all the contact information on it as well.


  2. There must be someone who deals with voter suppression. They might be able to at least answer some questions, and if this is a fake letter, they might be able to do something about it. The letter really does look strange. It should be on letterhead. Did it come in an official envelope?

    It also seems a little strange that it asks you to photocopy the documents and send them in. I would think they would have that you bring in the original documents and show them, and they’d make copies for their records if necessary. Usually when they ask to see a birth certificate, they say that it must an original with a raised seal–a photocopy is not acceptable.

    I hope you can get some answers about it. It must be terribly disturbing.


    1. We are working with the Obama Team.


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