Queer Goes to VOTE!!!

I moved to Iowa and in June I registered to vote. I thought it would be easy because I was taught that it would be while I was a Sumner Organizer for the Obama Camp!

Well that’s not how it would be for me of course! So, it starts here when I get this letter from the County Elections person saying that my social security was incorrect and that I should call her. Well, I call her and she says well the problem here is that it says you’re a male. I am like okay and?? She was like well aren’t you a female. I tell her no I am still legally a male. She then seems suspicious and is like well you sound like a girl. So now, I am getting very annoyed with this person and I feel like swearing her out but I don’t and I calmly explain to her my gender and how I am still legally a male and guess what that was all the “problem” was.

Well that wasn’t not the end of this shit. Recently, I get my ballot and I fill it out and get ready to send it in but then the next day I get a new letter from the elections person telling me that my voter registration status is “Pending” and that I need to know prove where I live by either showing them an Iowa state issued Photo ID with the current name and address and if I don’t got that I would need to send in a copy of two letters proving my address.

So basically this brings up several questions to me. First, why the fuck do they know I do not identify as male!!? Second why am I needing to prove where I live while several state offices already have my address!!? Oh and that includes the federal government.

So I believe that we got some for real voter suppression going on here in Iowa!! Seriously, what the fuck are the reasons for this shit!

Another thing I have to talk about is this business of my sex according to my driver’s license and birth certificate. Okay, I know it says I am a male. Now please let’s move forward and realize that doesn’t not change the way I identify and it does not change the fact that I do not look like a male and I personally belief there is no reason we cannot recognize my actual gender which is genderqueer!!

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