Omaha Queer Goes to California!!

Okay, everyone!! So I have not talked about this on facebook yet or in my blog but I have a confession. I lied when I said I was going to take a two-week break from the Obama camp to work on transplant stuff. LOL I never went to my grandma’s during those two weeks. Instead, I went to California for two weeks with my friend Amber because she was wrongfully fired from her job as a field organizer for the Obama camp.

Anyways so we drove in her little pre pre all the way to Los Angeles, California. Which I have to tell you all a little bit about that drive!

Okay, so I have anxiety issues. Well there were some mountains that we had to drive through, down, and up and shit! Okay and well I guess Amber decided I could handle it or something so I drove the rest of the way to Grand Junction, Colorado. Well you know what that means!!? I have to drive through and down some fucking mountains! Therefore, I’m driving down these mountains and I am holding on to that wheel for dear life as I am having an anxiety attack and about screaming every time we start going down and turning and like there are fucking cars flying by and signs warning us about all this shit we are to look out for. OMG I was so freaked the fuck out and Amber is just sitting there laughing her fucking ass off at me! That bitch!! LOL But you know what we made it to Grand Junction.

After Grand Junction, we decide to stop in Las Vegas for a minute to just look around because I have never been there before. Of course, we stop in Cesar’s Palace and play a little bit and have one drink or at least one drink for me. LOL of course I win some money and Amber doesn’t. It just has to be her attitude at the game or something. LOL Well during this time he dog Modandash is in the car just dying of heat stroke! LOL

Anyways we get to Los Angeles and the fun starts, oh wait maybe tomorrow. LOL So the fun starts tomorrow.

So we go to West Hollywood and we Queer it up a bunch! We visited like a bunch of Queer bars and the atmosphere was soo wonderful!! There were so many queers there!! In the middle of the block, there was a rainbow flag flying high and proud and some of the crossings were painted rainbow! OMG it was just amazing!! Oh and many of the people there weren’t stuck up like all those stuck up queer bitches in Omaha!  Then about 11:34pm, Amber decides we should go to San Francisco to go to Pride! LOL And with Amber drunk and me with a couple drinks down start to walk back to the car while Amber talks to her friend Alex to organize this last minute trip up to San Fran to go to Pride in the morning! LOL

We go back to the car and drive back to the house so I can do dialysis and get ready to go and then we drive almost two hours out of our way to pick up Alex from San Bernardino. LOL So guess who gets to drive there! Oh my gosh I do!! I am the one who is not drunk! LOL Amber was almost wasted. LOL So I drive through LA to San Bernardino to pick up Alex but by the time we got there I was too sleepy to drive any further so we go into Alex’s room and take a nap for like three hours before we start our journey up the five hour drive to San Fran! (FYI we are not stupid we just are queers) Amber and I would take turns sleeping in the back of her pre pre with my kidney juices. LOL

Pride was so awesome there!! OMG I could not believe it! They really go all out for Pride. Moral of this blog is that I went to California and had a amazing time instead of going to Sanders County Nebraska to stay with my grandma on the farm. LOL Which would you have wanted to do!!??

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