Open Minded Omahans: Endangered Species

Oh you know that moment when you are sitting at a McyDs and all these asshole dumbfucks are looking at you and then roll their eyes because of the way you look. On the other hand, you know sitting there and these stuck up bitches come in acting as if they are the shit! Well you know what I keep having the moment over and over again.

What gets me is that these people are going to a McyDs. Seriously you think you are high class and better than me but yet you are going to a McyDs.  Omg people get a life!!

I first thought that maybe I was just jumping to conclusions because that has happened before. LOL only once though! LOL.

Well tonight I am sitting here and almost every guy that comes in that has not seen me here before stares at me for like minutes and it is very noticeable. Then when I look up at them, they roll their eyes at me and then I glare at them dumb bitches!

You know I get it that I have pink hair and that I am like the only one in this place with a laptop

You will never see this in Omaha!!!

covered in Rainbow Obama ware but seriously people this is a very Democratic area of town! What the fuck is the problem!? Is it cause you still have issues with rainbows and they scare you!?? Do you think that it might make you queer or something if you see a rainbow!? What is the issue here!?

I just don’t get it!

Maybe it is just this area. Maybe the atmosphere here makes everyone stuck up bitches. However, Iowa City was not like this at all! I was not looked at like the way I am looked at here. They are so much less judgmental. Nebraskans need to grow up and get with it!


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