Iowa City Queer Time!

Iowa City

Tuesday Sept 25, 2012, I went to Iowa City with Diane for kidney transplant appointments at the University of Iowa Medical Center. I did not have appointments until Wednesday the 26 but we decided it would be best to go a day ahead. So we did that and the driving was fine.

My first appointment was scheduled for 7:30am which we were a little late for. But

Uni of Iowa Medical Center

anyways, I get there and we get checked in and they take down my preferred name and everything was fine for the most part. I sit there with one of the nurses and we go through my medical stuff including my medications and then she takes me to go watch some training session and during the entire time I have no problems with anyone calling me Mika. It was great!

Then I go to see my transplant coordinator and she goes to draw some blood and we talk a little bit. See we were emailing back and forth and it was nice to finally put a face with the email. She was fun! She even joked with me and gave me some pointers for when I have blood drawn in the future! Omg it was so nice! Then my nurse coordinator came in. She was just amazing! She was like ok so you are transgender and I am like no I am genderqueer and I go by genderneutral pronouns. She was like hold on what is genderqueer. So of course I explain it to her and then explain sie and hir and she loved it! She was like why do you not live here in Iowa City!? She was so positive and understanding!

Nest, one of the transplant team, a student, came to see me and he was actually excited and very interested in seeing a Cystinosis patient. He actually looked into it too. He was great! Oh and guess what he was not white like the entire transplant team is in Nebraska. I loved it! Minorities were represented and there was no issues. Just great!

My next appointment was with THE DIRECTOR of the transplant team and she was a woman! I loved it! There was some gender diversity on the transplant team! YAYS! Omg she had no problem with me being me! Again it was so fucking awesome!! She even knew about trans stuff and asked me if I was going to transition or anything and said that I should keep them updated with that and that they would work with the transition team if I did choose to do that. But I told her that was not in my plans.

Next up was the nephrologist and he had a student with him. Well he came in and explained a lot to me. He was really understanding and really wanted to listen to me about my health and what has been going on. He was really wondering about why I was in the hospital twice in a row and I told him what was going on and he just could not understand why no one had me see a GI doctor. He also was so confused for why the Nebraska Medical Center did not transplant me. He just could not understand why they would do what they did. He also reviled to me that the Nebraska Medical Center claimed I was not doing dialysis and that I did not see the psychologist. While in reality I did and I saw the psychologist for six months. He was just so so so so confused about that entire thing. Because you can see how my health has just gotten worse and worse and they could have transplanted me over a year ago. They don’t seem happy about that shit!

See I was a patient at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Leid Transplant Center and they refused to treat me. But, the transplant was scheduled twice before and then canceled a DAY before the day of the surgery. Seems fishy doesn’t it. Well I started having major issues with the team after I met them face to face and they saw who I am and my gender. They immediately treated me badly and the first time the canceled the transplant was the Friday before and they called me and said that on the Monday before the transplant they would have to prob my anus to see if I have chrones even though they could have tested me for that months before. And well I couldn’t get the procedure done and therefore they canceled the transplant. Well then there was the second date and well my dialysis center called the ambulance and had me sent in because I was tachycardic. And well the transplant center heard and canceled my transplant. while on the other hand the cardiologist said that the tachycardia would get better if I got a transplant and got off dialysis.

Uni of Iowa Medical Center

Back to the Iowa City trip, after I saw the nephrologist I saw the social worker who was really awesome she loved talking with Diane and I. Then I saw the psychologist and she was so much fun! She wasn’t like those stuck up ones. We talked about a lot of different things including what I thought was the problem with the Nebraska Medical Center and I told her that I thought it had everything to do with my gender. We talked about some of my past and she was so upset with what I have had to go through. But she was a huge Obama supporter and so she loved my shirt and Diane’s shirt. Then Diane talked about how she was able to see the President twice and just loved it. She had so much fun talking with us that we went over by 15 to 20 minutes.

Omg over all it was such a great trip! I loved the hospital and it looks like things will really work out there!

I would like to take a moment to toss out a big thank you to Diane who went with me and was great support!! THANK YOU DIANE!!

Some day this won’t be what my life revolves around!!
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  1. And thank you for letting me show you a bit of Iowa City. And napping when we needed to crash. And letting me drive your car (even with my heavy foot on your precious, perfect car). And joining me with a laugh at the GOP headquarters. And lets’s say a big thanks for Senator Tom Harkin’s Office and Jesse who wanted this for Mika and helped prod the Omaha hospital to release the records. Here’s to hoping that you, Mika get to go swimming soon.


    1. Thank you so much Diane! It was great! I need to swim!! It is really bothering me! lol


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