Going to Iowa City!

Here I am in the hospital sick because I have peritonitis! I am with Nancy here! LOL

Well, I am going to Iowa City this week with my friend Diane. I will be visiting the University of Iowa Medical Center for testing for my transplant that I hope will be taking place this year. I do not have a donor yet. I have possible donors but that is it. So people please message me on facebook or go to Save Mika’s Life and post there if you wish to donate life to me!

Seriously people, if I do not get a kidney I will die. This is no joke! So call me an attention whore and

Peritoneal Dialysis bag!

victim all the fuck you want. But this is real people.  I am in end stage kidney failure and end stage Cystinosis. I am in serious medical condition. I do peritoneal dialysis four times a day and I am on 16 different medications.

While in Iowa City Diane and I will go to Jimmy Jacks for BBQueer! LOL and Diane wants to go to the Coral Ridge mall where she wants to go shopping and she is going to try to find some fun color hair clips and feathers well we are going to try to queer Diane up! LOL She doesn’t have the courage to just go and dye her hair colors! LOL On the other hand I just redyed my hair bright pink! But that is for my trip to D.C. I need to get a hair cut too!  We are going to have a very queer time in Iowa City!

By the way stuck up Omaha queers, Iowa City is much more progressive and welcoming! Oh and they got some real queers there!

Cystagon (yes that shows my legal name)

I am sharing these picture because it would seem that some people think that I am just trying to get attention by talking about my issues and problems. So the picture above is of my main medication that keeps me alive, my cystagon. I take it four times a day and I take 13 capsules. This medication makes me feel like shit 24/7 but I need it or I will die.

After my surgery!

This picture was taken after my surgery when I had my peritoneal dialysis catheter placed. I was in tons of pain.

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2 thoughts on “Going to Iowa City!

  1. This is the second picture today that you have posted that I didn’t want to see. I’m referring to post op pic and then the one about pulling out the Bible. Anyway, to adorn one’s hair with pretties makes me happy.


  2. I wonder if she is making it up.


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