Mika vs. D.C. Queers!

So guess what everyone!!?? I am going to Washington, D.C.

I am going to try to hit a couple of the queer bars there too! I bet they just can’t wait to see me! LOL What do you all think, can the D.C. Queers handle me!?? LOL I might just have to shake it up a bit there! LOL

Well I am going with my friend Ray and depending on the money situation we might go to at least one of the queer bars and we might visit the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). I really want to see HRC because I have a few words I would like to give them.

While in D.C. I will be at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) because the entire reason behind me going to D.C. is to go to the NIH. See I am in a clinical trial there because I have Cystinosis. . I go to the NIH once every other year now and meet my medical team there and they usually tell me how bad my health is or what to expect next. So far, I have not received good news in the last several weeks from any of my doctors. Yup, shit is getting worse. I also am feeling more and more sick. Been in the hospital here a bunch too lately.

So while I am at the NIH they will do a bunch of tests which include blood, scans, and more blood. Plus the exciting physical!! No probes with be stuck up anywhere this time so that is good news. Also on Monday the 15th my last appointment is at noon. LOL So you know what that means I can go start drama in the queer bars in D.C. I bet they just can’t wait to see me there. I might have to visit congress too and yell at them a little bit and get them to pull their fingers out of their asses!

And because of this upcoming trip and me not being able to sleep I decided that I would dye my hair and do my nails. So I did. I just added more blonde to my hair and painted my nails a shade of pink again. I am not done with the hair. I still need to add the pink to it again. LOL Well.. After I was done with that I still could not sleep so I decided to make this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Mika vs. D.C. Queers!

  1. Take pictures of all the hot shirtless guys!!

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