Okay, most people already know that I am a huge supporter of Obama and will continue to be. Many of you might also know that I use to work (volunteer) for the campaign as a Summer Organizer.


I signed up for emails from the campaign in 2010 as Mika Covington. Nevertheless, for some reason I get the emails and they call me Michael now. I wonder why that is. Could it be that someone had an issue with me and messed with some shit!?? Oh, I don’t know.

But let me tell you a little back story about this. Robert the advisor for the GSA at IWCC invited me to attend a meeting where this field organizer Amber would be at talking about why we should support Obama and I decided to go and through that and other encounters with Amber I decided I would volunteer and of course I would be reminded of my old high school. This person named Fallon was “friends” with Ray and would later become a Summer Organizer. Well Fallon knew me from high school back when I was called Michael.

And lets speed this up a little.

So Fallon would go around calling me a “he” when she saw fit and even though I would talk with her about it. She would say well I always knew you as Michael and he. And I am like bitch you knew me for let’s see a fucking year as Michael and that is all.

Well anyways, she would do that in front of volunteers and other staff and soon people in the office would all know about my gender, which I decided not to talk about there because my goal was to re-elect the President. Anyways one week she decided to remove and block me from her facebook and because of all the drama and the way people would treat me I quit working at the office. However, I would volunteer occasionally and check my dashboard and votebuilder and one day they both said that my name was Michael. Then that same week all emails I get from the campaign would call me Michael. I managed to change what I could back to Mika but the emails continue to come as Michael.

So you know I send emails to the Regional Field Organizer about the emails calling me Michael and I asked her to fix it or have them stop emailing me. Well of course I get this oh I am so sorry that this has happened.

Well weeks went by and nothing has happened so I emailed again and get the same response but yet no results.

Now I am so pissed off because not only does it just it call me Michael but because of Fallon everyone in that office was up in my business and didn’t know how to act around me like I am not a human or something.

First, it was like okay let’s just change this it’s no big deal. Then it was getting where volunteers didn’t want to be around me and looked at me differently. Then staff didn’t know how to talk to me or act around me. It was as if they were scared I was going to come on to them or something and try to get into their pants or make them queer. Whatever but this business of getting emails saying oh I am so sorry and yet nothing happens that has pissed me off so much that I have decided to blog about it.

You know before I quit after everyone found out about me having a penis, the staff decided they no longer wanted me to interact with any of the volunteers or the voters. This is why I quit.

So this went from being an inconvenience to being disrespectful to now being beyond hurtful and discriminatory.

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5 thoughts on “OBAMA Camp vs. MIKA

  1. I am so sorry that happened to you Mika. What is the office phone number, I want to call them.

  2. the number on the website is my old one lol this is messed up Mika and it is not very respectful, empowering or inclusive

  3. Lame..! (them not you!!)

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