Stuck Up Omaha Queers

Today I woke the up at like 7am! OMG! I went to bed at like 5am! Well, I am glad I did because a friend needed me! She is really fucking awesome!

But you know what! I hate it when I do that then feel like I have a hangover even though I wasn’t out all night partying like Amber and the Cali queers! Those little bitches!

Of course, later on I notice a thread on Ken’s facebook wall that I am interested in and therefore, I make a small comment, “Oh my gosh just what we need another stuck up Omaha queer who would never make it in the real queer community. I say its time for the sassy queers to teach Tim how the real queer community is like. The bitch won’t survive.” I made this comment to this stuck up queer Tim bitching about Ken talking politics in the Omaha queer bars.

See I find it so fucked up that these stuck up queer bitches in Omaha hate talking about politics. Well, if they weren’t so scared of politics then maybe we would have some civil rights. You go to California and the queers are so different from these stuck up bitches here in the Midwest!

Then you know this Tim person decides to talk about how he actually works and I am like, “Well bitch u best be working that queer ass off! No man’s going to want to take care of ur white ass.” Tim has nothing to say now. LOL

But seriously people! We must be political if we plan on having any civil rights. Sitting around and ignoring the issues is not going to get us anywhere!

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10 thoughts on “Stuck Up Omaha Queers

  1. Civil Rights!!! FUCK YEAH!!!

  2. Sounds like you are helping slow the move to true civil rights, Why would you hold something about equality in a bar with an older crowd when you could have it in a more friendly place like a park, with the younger kids (The ones who are killing them self’s). The more alcohol you have in someone the more disgruntled they get about such a close topic to the heart. After reading the talk upon Facebook It would probably be best to leave a strong movement like this to someone who wont take it out of control and who could persuade more people to join your force for a better world.

  3. No this is not Alex, I have been paying attention to this blog after finding a post on the Facebook page Forward Equality. This is unacceptable on every level of equality. If people want to make the world right they should band together to be one, compared to fighting each other for the same right. Its logic more then anything.

  4. Its unacceptable for someone to express their views? I think not.

  5. In such an extreme way yes. Everything you talk about is to such an unreasonable and unrealistic view you are taking a fight backwards, fighting with each other for the same cause is childish. After reading how you Ken and Alex have been fighting you have became a bully. Hiding behind the illusion of the internet. Alex was not in the right to say what he did, but it seemed to stop maturity and reason from being in the conversation from the side that should be more mature about it. It is taking us backwards when you fight like children for such strong topic.

  6. I have. It got even farther out if hand after Alex came in the conversation.

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